Using State of the Art Materials at Jackson Family Dentistry

What Are Bioceramics?

Bioceramics are ceramic materials designed specifically to be used in medical and dental implants. They replace hard tissue, including dental tissue, and can be bioactive (meaning they bond with living tissue and are gradually incorporated) or bioinert (meaning they do not interact with living tissue). Common bioceramics used in endodontics are alumina, which is highly resistant to wear, and calcium phosphate, which bonds to the bone and promotes new bone growth.

How Do Bioceramics Affect Root Canal Treatment?

Thanks to bioceramic fillers and sealers, your root canal treatment can have an even better result! It will take fewer visits to complete than it used to, and the way the material bonds to the tooth gives it a higher chance of success. With good daily brushing and flossing habits, bioceramics are more durable than other fillers and sealers.

Get Cutting-Edge Root Canal Treatment from Dr. Jackson

If you want to get root canal treatment that is on the cutting edge of modern endodontic innovation, look no further than Jackson Family Dentistry! If you have any questions about bioceramics and how they can improve your result, give us a call at (630) 963-6750 or send us an email.