Saluting Our Troops FAQ

Question: Do I have to be a Veteran to participate in the event?

Answer: Yes. Only Veterans are eligible to receive dental care on the day of the event. Veterans will have to send a copy of their Veteran ID Card (VIC) or similar documentation to be eligible for the event.

Question: If I do not complete my pre-appointment registration paperwork by November 2, 2023, will I lose my scheduled appointment time?

Answer: Yes. Participants that have not completed their pre-appointment registration paperwork by the required time will lose their scheduled appointment time. Due to the limited number of appointments available, there will be a waiting list after appointments are all filled; for those still trying to be seen during the event. We want to make sure that those that want to be seen by our team are seen by our team.

Question: I have a toothache and I am not sure what services I need, what option should I select?

Answer: If unsure what you need to have performed, elect the “Dentist” option.

Question: Will the doctor extract my tooth on this day?

Answer: No extractions will be performed at this event.

Question: Can I have my teeth cleaned and be seen by the dentist for other dental work at this event?

Answer: Patients seen by the hygienist for teeth cleaning will have an exam performed by the dentist. If you elect to be seen by only the dentist, the dentist will perform an exam and address the most pressing dental concerns. If there is enough time to complete dental cleaning, the dentist may perform a dental cleaning for the patient.

Question: How long will my appointment time be?

Answer: Each patient will be given an appointment time of one and 1/2 hours. Each provider will address and treat as many conditions as they can in an hour period of time.

Question: Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Answer: Yes. If you would like to be bring a support person with you to your appointment, you may do so. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, support guests will be asked to wait in their vehicles. If the Veteran relays on the support guest as a caretaker, the caretaker may join the veteran patient in the room. Those guests will be asked to remain masked during the entire visit and must stay in the room with the veteran patient.

Question: What if I need more treatment then what the dental provider can complete in one and half hours?

Answer: If you have any additional treatment needed after your appointment, the team will provide you with a referral form with the additional work they recommend and a list of low-cost providers and Medicaid providers in the surrounding area that can help assist in the additional treatment. You are always welcome to make an appointment with the providers at Jackson Family Dentistry to become a patient of record. (Normal fee rates would apply at that time.)

Question: I was a Veteran Patient at the event last year, can I register and participate in the event again this year?

Answer: Veterans that participated in our Saluting Our Troops Event in last years may register for the event; however, priority will be given to those Veterans that have not participated in previous years. Past participates will be placed on our waiting-list and will be contacted when appointment times become available after November 2, 2023.

Question: If I have additional questions about the event, who can I talk to at your practice?

Answer: If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Tammie MacMullen at (630) 963-6750. Or you can email your questions to